Wissenswertes über Wines


The storage of wines is immensely important to preserve the quality of the wine or to promote the perfect maturity. For this, the right conditions

Pet Nat

Pétillant Naturel – French – “naturally sparkling” or simply, but not quite accurately, “cloudy sparkling wine”. A “Pet Nat” is produced by an ancient method

What is an Orange Wine?

As the name suggests, an Orange Wine is primarily distinguished by its orange hue. The color comes from the special method of production. Orange Wine

What is natural wine?

Wine is a natural product, so many people assume that every wine is a natural wine. This statement is basically not wrong, because wine is

What is a cuvée?

A cuvée is a mixture, a “blend” of several different grapes. This doesn’t mean that the winemakers mix all the leftovers from their cellar to