Triple Pack – Carl Ehrhard – 10% opening discount. (only available 31 March – 30 April )

We are very happy that our online shop is now online. To share the joy with you, we have put together a small tasting package from our neighbouring estate Carl Ehrhard with a 10% discount for you. The winery is located in Rüdesheim on the Rhine and grows grapes in some of the best vineyards in the Rheingau. In the package for you, three Rieslings that could hardly be more different and show the range of this versatile and exciting grape variety:

The 2018 Riesling “Frau Ehrhard” is taut, robust and light acidic. Hand-picked, mash-fermented, matured for one and a half years in large wooden barrels, bottled unfiltered. Reminiscent of Boskop apples, a little rose fragrance, with a little air it shows more and more facets – purists will be pleased.

Charming and accessible, on the other hand, is the 2019 Riesling “Herr Ehrhard”. Also hand-picked, but no fermentation of the mash but of the must – spontaneously, of course. Aged for 13 months in large wooden barrels and bottled unfiltered. Aroma reminds of grapefruit/orange and some pineapple. Very fine.

Full-bodied and complex the 2019 Berg Roseneck Riesling “Ramstein” Urstück.
Late hand harvest of the highly ripe grapes, slow 3-month spontaneous fermentation in large wooden barrels. Storage on the fine yeast in the large wooden barrel until summer. Gripping and powerful on the palate. A true Rheingau classic.



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Country, Rock’n’Roll, Soul


Weingut Carl Ehrhard Geisenheimerstrasse 3 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein