The "Plattenstübchen" Team

Welcome to Plattenstübchen!

First, let us introduce the team, history and philosophy behind Plattenstübchen.

The Team

In 1977 Plattenstübchen was opened by Alex and Linda Markgraf as a music store in the center of Geisenheim. The record store was packed with thousands of different types of CDs, MCs, DVDs and vinyl records. You can bet a musician’s heart beat faster in this cult store.

In 2017, the home and store fell victim to a house fire and nothing was spared by the flames.

Now the Plattenstübchen is experiencing a come back… in a new way.

Sarah and Rachel Markgraf and Emmanuel “Manu” Straub are opening the “Plattenstübchen – Café – Event – Concept Store” in 2021. But what exactly awaits you here?

Three individuals who couldn’t be more different, in the best way. Each of us has his or her specialty: Rachel, the youngest of the bunch, is focused on design, colors thanks to her studies as a media and communication designer.


Manu, the Swiss, is an absolute “nerd” when it comes to coffee specialties and natural wine. He’ll show you that coffee is not only a hot drink with caffeine and introduce you to new wineries and their wines with great detail.

Finally, Sarah, she never misses an appointment and always keeps an eye on upcoming events which flourish under her watch. She also excels in the kitchen and contributes a wide variety of delicate bites. Now that you’ve met the team, it’s time to introduce Plattenstübchen:

With our concept we’ve created something unique featuring a combination of homemade small dishes & drinks, events and a concept store. The “Plattenstübchen” is a place where you will feel at home in a modern ambience, with a unique story and a pleasant atmosphere. Organic and regional products are our focus and we have selected our suppliers with the utmost care.

You want to start the day off with a good coffee and the perfect snack? We have just the thing for you! Whether ……….. in Plattenstübchen you will find the perfect start to your day.


With various lunch menus, cakes, sweet and savory dishes and simple antipasti we’ve got something for any occasion.

You’ll also find a wide selection of drinks to match any want or need.

We’ll introduce you to different wineries that go beyond the Rheingau with a strong focus on natural wines. Each wine we offer we have personally selected on a visit to the winery itself. Having said this, there are no limits to this selection.

A small vinyl collection preserves the charm of the original Plattenstübchen and small events, such as jam sessions, readings, workshops and game nights, bring us all together.

Do you want to take a piece of Plattenstübchen home with you? No problem. We offer you the possibility to buy everything from glasses, upholstery, music, coffee machines or accessories to wines and coffee from us. Can’t visit us in person but still want to order something? Take a look at our online store.

Need to see everything for yourself? Then come on by, leave your everyday life behind you and enjoy our unique atmosphere.