As with wine, coffee plantations are usually estates that are passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, a certain basic know-how prevails on all coffee plantations.

There are different cultivation methods, which differ in the order of the coffee plants or position on the mountain. This depends mostly on which country or region the plantation is in. For example, in India, coffee is usually a so-called “Shade Grown” because the plantations are located in deep jungles. These coffee plants stand between tall growing trees such as macadamia or nutmeg, which provide another yield opportunity for the coffee farmer but also provide shade, protecting the coffee plants from direct sunlight.

On excellent coffee plantations, like ours, tens of thousands of young coffee plants are raised in nurseries. Here, a team of farm workers takes care of the first obstacles of growth in a controlled manner. Since the coffee plant only shows yields after three years, it would often be a pre-programmed failure to put young plants on the plantations immediately, especially now, at a time when climate change is having devastating effects.

In this kind of nursery, they are protected from extreme weather conditions or complications in root development. Boulders under the soil, for example, might prevent the roots from accessing deeper nutrients. In smaller pots, young coffee plants can thus achieve healthy growth and later be brought to the plantation. While on conventional farms it is mostly about getting a quick yield, preferably as much of it as possible, our interest lies in a sustainable preservation of the ecosystem and the generation-spanning survival of these decades-old coffee farms. Compared to the average 15 years of growth on industrial plantations, we get a long and reinforced lifespan in our coffee plants of over 40 years. These coffees are referred to as “amber coffees” on our plantations. Comparable to “old vines” we have here only a minimal yield, but a maximum concentration and richness of flavor and aroma. A recommendation for every coffee drinker.