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The Bergkloster winery is located in the south of Rheinhessen and is already in its fourth generation of operation. Their philosophy is to preserve and maintain the long tradition and biodiversity of nature and to move forward innovatively.


But who is behind it?

The Bergkloster Winery is operated by Paul-Gerhard Groebe (Dipl.-Ing. for viticulture and cellar management), Cornelia Groebe and their three children. Their son Jason Groebe started his wine studies at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences after his viticulture apprenticeship and will continue to run the winery in the future.

The Bergkloster winery owns a total of nine hectares, all of which are located in the areas of Westhofen, Westhofener Bergkloster and Bechtheimer Pilgerfahrt.

All wines and sparkling wines are grown and vinified ecologically. They refrain from the use of chemical-synthetics as well as genetically modified substances. Biological pest control is used here, thus strengthening the vine and grape and sustainably managing the vineyards. Also, during vinification in their cellar, the Bergkloster winery does not use sorbic acid and reduces sulfurization. The result – a natural taste experience and a suitable wine for allergy sufferers.

The wines are completely fermented in the barrels, which gives them the necessary rest and time. The histamine built up by the natural yeasts during fermentation is broken down again at the end of the fermentation phase. This makes the wines low in histamine.

In addition to their basic wines, young and uncomplicated wines for every day, the Bergkloster Winery also offers estate wines. These wines are from selected sites with deep soils, which develop their character through the interaction of the grape variety and climate – the Terroir.

Whatever your preference, we’re sure that there is a wine for you. Enjoy!